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Recommended for viewing from the first series. It is in the pilot episode will get acquainted with the main characters of the cult Comedy – students are not very prestigious, but very unusual public College "Greendale". Among his students and yesterday's students, and youth 25-30 years, and middle-aged people, and pensioners.Many of them are strange, some of them even resemble runaways from a madhouse. And this applies not only to students, but also the colorful teaching staff and even the Dean – trying to please everyone crank Craig Pelton. And yet, the doors of Greendale are always open to everyone. And classmates are ready to put up with any eccentricity, taking all fellow students and teachers as they Greendale, as in other American educational institutions, groups are formed in which students studying a particular subject are United. One such group – the study of Spanish – was founded by a successful lawyer Jeff winger. This arrogant and narcissistic cynic was forced to go to College to get a real (not sent over the Internet) diploma and not lose his lawyer's license.rn

However, for Jeff, the purpose of establishing the society was not a desire to learn a foreign language, and the ability to seduce Britta Perry – a good, activist and simply beautiful. However, after Britta in the group pulled a very motley company-fixated on pop culture and poorly socialized hick Abed, ex-star of the school football team Troy, his former classmate-an excellent student Annie, divorced single mother Shirley and "eternal student" of old pierce.this is a motley community of students of all ages, social status and Outlook on life waiting for all sorts of adventures and troubles, which are so rich "Greendale" – from crazy parties to paintball competitions. And although the members of the "magnificent seven" constantly quarrel and quarrel, they know the value of friendship and mutual assistance.

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