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While the guys from Comedy Club, make fun of themselves and lead different conversations about the change of summer tires for the winter, along with different stories about a strong male libido. On stage came just magical, beautiful and incredible, and most importantly not devoid of a sense of humor girls meet wonderful Comedy Woman. This cycle of cheerful programs, will not leave indifferent most likely any true connoisseur of female beauty and funny humor, which the transfer was in principle saturated in full. Participants in this program are only representatives of the beautiful half of our humanity. With a pleasant feminine charm and a frequent charisma, the girls on the stage will show the top of wit and shamelessly be able to joke on spicy and everyday topics that are familiar to almost every resident, from a simple family life, and ending with the complex meaning of life and the fullness of the inner world. Do not be afraid of these wonderful girls and joke on the most famous female problem, namely overweight. With Comedy Woman you will not be able when to get bored, only because of the extravaganza of laughter, jokes and just a good mood there is a great desire to participate in such a project for ages, and probably not when to part with exciting actors. The show was as if filled with a joyful mood, there are cheerful songs all the time, everyone around is twitching in the dance, and as for the atmosphere, it was just soaked with laughter, as the jokes here will meet at almost every step, where without them, without jokes it would be a completely different show.

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