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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
Lives-lives in Los Angeles eccentric and inconspicuous Frank Columbo. He has served as a Lieutenant in the local police Department for many years. And always reveals a mysterious murder... However, mysterious crimes in this series, because the viewer sees with his own eyes, as happens every evil and those who are guilty. And the main character doesn't look like supersudaca: moves always in the same rumpled raincoat, rode drachenka Peugeot, and even on the crime scene looks really confused.


it is no Wonder that the criminals are not afraid of this strange simpleton, because they are so clever and carefully swept all traces. And Colombo helps them feel safe, quietly rubbing in confidence. He manages to almost make friends with his suspects, and they condescendingly respond to the uncertain inquiries of the hapless detective. Smoking a cigar, Colombo sincerely admires interlocutors, praises their house, and the car, and spouses, remembering every detail in the conversation. He often talks about his relatives and, especially, about his wife, talks on abstract topics, as if forgetting about the case. Without tiring suspects long interrogations, always extremely polite Colombo prefers casual conversations in an informal setting. Time after time, he returns to the alleged offender, visits him at home, with friends and business partners, taking him by surprise. The intrusiveness of Colombo begins to irritate the guilty, the picture of the crime does not seem so perfect to him. Police investigation turns into a complex psychological game in which the criminal step by step surrenders his position. And uncomplicated questions Lieutenant woven into a solid web, which entangles the villain.

there are no unimportant witnesses for Colombo, and he appreciates the words of the child on a par with the testimony of an important official. He is not lazy to study any trifle in search of truth. But the Titanic work of the detective remains behind the scenes, allowing viewers to enjoy its fruits. After all, there is no crime that would be too tough for a brilliant detective.

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