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Young German journalist Danielle, who came with his beloved wife Elena in Chile, and could not imagine how the nightmare will end her visit to this country. Young people find themselves in the midst of a coup d'état staged by Pinochet, and in the end Daniel is accused of espionage in favor of the losing side. The man is kidnapped, subjected to serious torture, and then sent to the colony of "Dignidad". This place stands out for an ordinary commune, but in fact it is a Nazi settlement, which is a real nightmare for all its visitors. The colony is headed by a cruel sadist Paul Schaefer, who was previously an officer of the Wehrmacht. He arranges for Daniel, like other prisoners, real torture, and the flock inspires that continuous work for free, as well as murder is God's plan. Once in "Dignidad", the person has no more chances to escape from this place, and Daniel has absolutely no chance to go beyond the walls of this hell. His only hope for salvation – Lena, who is ready to sacrifice everything for her husband. Brave girl, impersonating another novice commune, come to this place. She's going to gain the trust of Paul, to develop an escape plan and get your loved one from this terrible place. Can a simple stewardess deceive a sadist and escape from a settlement that looks more like a well-guarded military zone?

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