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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
An engineer named Renton, who works for the world's largest company Torres, barely escaped from his employers and now lives in his secret laboratory. The hero invented a unique machine called "Arch" that can create infinite energy. This technology is able to save humanity, which has been on the verge of destruction for several years. Once in the lab Renton that he got the house, comes to his longtime girlfriend Hannah, who works together with him on Torres. The next morning, several masked robbers burst into the house, demanded to give all the money, but the hero realizes that they came not only for money, but also for his invention.When one of the criminals touches the "Arch", something unexpected happens – a time loop is created. Now the events of the last three hours of constantly repeated, and Renton first realizes that he was in a time loop, break which is possible only by destroying the car. But he does not hurry to do this, because he wants to understand why the robbers actually came, and whether he can trust Hannah. Each time cycle ends in tragedy, and no matter how Renton tried to change it does not work.

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