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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Another Comedy about a carefree student life, which then many of us remember with nostalgia. Freshmen came to the University and went to their rooms in the hostel. As soon as all the bags with things were thrown in the closet, the girls decided to have a party and chat with each other, because tomorrow will begin a boring and long session. The girls gathered together, prepared snacks and wine, put on some music and began to celebrate a housewarming party, they chatted, laughed, drank, was quite happy with everything that happens, but then... there were guys from the older release. Started this... Why they are even in my wildest fantasies imagined I could, the music and the alcohol did the trick, the young people were divided in pairs... And the night would not give each other a wink. These are the secrets and secrets of student life. Not for children.