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The series "Class ", the first season of which consists of eight episodes is a youth SPI-off to the cult and the longest British television project called "Doctor Who ". This science fiction series is produced By the BBC. Its original version was from 63rd to 89th of the last century. Then made a full-length film in 1996, which had the function of a pilot for rebut, but since the film failed in the States, then the project was closed. A full-scale resumption occurred in 2005. This franchise is in the Guinness Book of records as the most long-lasting and successful. The Central character (s) of the series "Class " is an alien humanoid who travels in time and space. On Earth know him by the name of Doctor. He is always accompanied by satellites with which he passes through space and time. The purposes at it happen different – that it rescues the separate person, the whole Civilization, and that simply has a good time.The inhabitants of the world "Doctor Who ": doctor: < I > Doctor — alien, whose homeland is the planet Gallifrey. He comes from a race called the time Lords. He has a great mind and is very eccentric. He is always ready to fight evil and injustice. Quite often he is accompanied by satellites from the earth. The means of transportation in the time and space spirals is an old time machine, which the Doctor values very much. It is called the TARDIS (TARDIS), which is a combination of the first letters of the phrase, which translates as "time and relative change of space. " Appearance of the TARDIS has the appearance of a British police box. However, inside it is huge. The doctor has the ability to regenerate from time to time. At the same time, it completely changes even at the molecular level. Naturally, his appearance, character, style of behavior and communication change, but personally he remains himself, that is, full identities to his previous incarnations. At the moment in the series, acts of the 12th Doctor. However, everything is not so simple, and from time to time the Doctor begins to double, triple or even five. In some seasons, Doctors with different numbers begin to interact with each other and participate together in the events of the season. Usually the Doctor shares his adventures with different people. Usually their number does not exceed three. Satellites:Characters satellites are very different and serve to maintain the sharpness of the plot of the series. Then they ask the Doctor for all sorts of explanations, then become unwitting producers of all kinds of dangerous situations. The satellites are constantly changing, still lost, are new. It happens that they go home or find an interesting place to live, stay there forever. The reason may be love, met somewhere in other worlds. There were also cases with fatal outcome. Since 1963 it is possible to count about seventy satellites of the Doctor. The first of them were the companions of the 1st Doctor: Susan foreman – his granddaughter and student of London school called "Coal hill school " and the two teachers at this school Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton. At the moment it's Clara Oswald, who works at the same school in a place with her friend Danny Pink. She is a student of the 11th Doctor, appeared in the 7th season, then inherited his subsequent and to date the last modification-the 12th Doctor. Aliens the Doctor-the companions have to confront the following alien villains: collective: autonum, Daleks, Cybermen, sontarans, rassilon (the Time Lords), the silurians, raxacoricofallapatorius, codonum, weeping angels, the whisper men, members of a religious Association "Silence» There the 7th Doctor in conjunction with the British voenni and scientists opposed to the Imperial renegade Daleks. Now it turns out, this school opened a time-space portal, and through this loophole in our world creeps a variety of dark beings and forces... they have to fight students and teachers of this educational institution. A spin off of Doctor Who series Class 1 season all episodes free download from our website at any time of the day!

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