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Tick tick-This series is like a game remake of the television animated series, which was first released on the American Fox Kids channel in 1994, and in turn, was a film adaptation of the comic book of the same name. Comics, and following him and his screen embodiment are parody on cartoons about superheroes and super villains. The main character of the film adaptation is a superhero named Tick, which means"tick". Tick, along with his assistant Arthur valiantly fighting crime, which captured the City (The City). The main antagonista fighters for the purity of his native city is of Stylolite Chippendale, but there is also the El the Grain, and the Baker - all of notorious super-villains. In the project , many super-heroes, including Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, Aquaman, and many, many, many of the inhabitants of the superhero-supervillain universe are ridiculed in a parody way. Main characters:Superheroes: < I > TIC-hero —the coolest and invincible superhero, eager to save the world from all the villains. Has incredible kindness and sincerity. Fanateet from superheroes and spies from a variety of comics, which consumes a huge amount. He's wearing a blue tick suit all the time. Arthur-silly and narrow-minded assistant TIC, a great connoisseur of home Economics . All the time wears a white moth suit (which, however, is more similar to the garb of the white rabbit, for whom it often and take). Bat-another superhero, a great friend of inseparable TIC and Arthur. A clear and very funny parody of Batman. Incredibly pathos, but in fact extremely timid and cowardly. American girl is a friend of all these super heroes and she, of course, also a superhero. A parody of Captain America. Secondary superheroes:the Civic-Minded Five – parodic incarnation of the Fantastic Four (the Avengers). Clark Oppenheimer is a parody of Superman. Bang Bang – parody alter ego the Punisher. The sewer Hedgehog is a very original superhero without an obvious prototype. Supervillains:< I > the chair — Faced Chippendale is the main antagonist, constantly dissatisfied with something, who aspires to world domination. His head is a chair that was the subject of ridicule by his classmates when he was in school. This was the psychological reason that he became a super-villain. El Grain — grower and part-time super-villain. Humanoid sunflower, walks in the Matador costume is incredibly green Kohler Baker —pastry chef-a super-villain. < p>< ul> Minor super-villains:Jim rage, Paradise nick fury. Men of Ideas – a parody of the incarnation of the X-Men, etc. < li>< ul> the Show the Tick 2017скачать all series for free at our website at any time of the day!

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