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  • Genres:
  • Drama
The series is recommended for viewing not only because of the bright plot, but also because of its relationship with the project "Doctor Who". While the genius travels in time, four teenagers protect the planet Earth from various monsters.

in the center of the plot are RAM, Charlie, Tanya and April, who are trained at the Academy of Koal hill. This educational institution, standing at the intersection of different times and worlds, attracts evil spirits from all corners of the Universe. Due to the constant travel of Dr. Who, the border between parallel worlds is thinning, and monsters are increasingly getting to the Academy, threatening all the inhabitants of the planet Earth.

The main characters hardly expected that the new school year would turn into such adventures for them. Tanya, April, RAM and Charlie had never been in close contact until a mysterious Doctor appeared in their lives. He said that the guys will have to protect all the inhabitants of the Earth from frightening monsters. Them assistant is assigned to Ms. quill, a local teacher, which is a little more versed in the Affairs of dragons.


we can't wait long For the first blow: a monster named Gloomy clan attacks the school, and only four teenagers are able to stop it. Perhaps the guys are too much believe in their own strength, but there is something in them that can make this Union effective. The main characters themselves have to find out why they became the assistants of the mysterious Doctor, and what forces they actually have. Having mastered these abilities at 100%, the guys will be able to effectively protect all life on Earth.

dragon — zhivoder, terrifying aliens and even aggressive plants-all that awakens the Doctor Who because of his travels, in the end is close to the Academy of Koal hill, turning into a headache for the main characters. In addition to the fight against evil they have to solve their own problems, because love troubles, conflicts with parents and peers has not been canceled. And let the work of the four main characters often goes unnoticed, but it is from their actions sometimes depends on the fate of the Universe.