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We offer you to watch online the movie "city of angels" - a Hollywood remake of the German film "the Sky over Berlin". The Director of the melodrama was brad Silberling, previously known for the film "Casper "and the series" Police of new York", and over the storyline worked a whole team of writers led by the Creator of the original version of WIM Wenders. At this time, the role of the fallen angel went to Nicolas cage, just played a great "no face", and his lover, in this version of the cardiologist, played Meg Ryan, who had to quickly change from a Comedy role in "Dope love". Maggie rice saves lives, helps people find hope. How many times under her fingers beat a human heart - not counted: Maggie – operating cardiologist, matters of the heart is her profession. Seth is also helping people, comforting in moments of despair, kindles a light of joy, but to feel the pulsation of life, to feel the breath, feel something is not given to him: Seth is an angel, he can only watch. And charming Maggie, this situation suited him

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