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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Family
Cindy was brought to new York when she was very young: her mother died early, and her father, although he already lived in a new marriage, did not leave the girl, flew to her homeland in Italy to take with him. The stepdaughter grew up a talented, dreamy and kind girl. Father works in his own pizzeria tirelessly, with his money his wife and their two common daughters live very well, Cindy almost nothing gets. But then the family goes for the summer in Rome, where our Cinderella comes it's time to fall in love. Her chosen one, Michio, answers in full reciprocity, but not everything is so simple: the Union turns out to be too unequal, because the guy is the heir of a rich and influential family. Parents on both sides, of course, against. Stepmother just out of jealousy, family, Micio – counting Cindy unworthy of such a suitor. But young people are determined to pass all the tests.