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  • Genres:
  • Adventure
  • Drama
Ian Mitchell has a good life: he boasts a wonderful child, a successful career as a lawyer and a reputation as a respectable and sympathetic person. The only thing he failed in life - to save his marriage. But despite the breakup, Jan still has a good relationship with his ex-wife. Once Jan's habitual way of life is broken by a strange box left by unknown people on the threshold of his house. In a mysterious package, he finds a gun, a photo of an unfamiliar man and an instruction to kill the person depicted in the picture, within the next three days. Ian takes it for someone's bad joke and does not pay much attention to the message. But as the deadline for the murder of a man with a photo, he realizes that this is not just a prank, and for failure to perform the task of mysterious attackers he faces death. Shocked by such circumstances, an exemplary member of society Ian Mitchell is making every effort to save his life. However, the lawyer has never held a gun in his hands and does not even know how to shoot. Will he be able to find the mysterious man from the photo? Will he be able to pull the trigger and kill a stranger for his own survival?

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