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Humanity must pass a serious test. On earth began to fly aliens who influenced the lives of people. And this influence everyone thought was good. All guests had qualities that earthlings did not have. They have a great mind as well as comprehensive development. And people are more interested in meeting only their basic needs. Therefore, against the aliens they have no chance. But the aliens are ready to help the local population. They are going to control the development of the planet Earth. This they are going to correct the situation. and here is a plan that aliens have developed, very well worked. People have learned that there can be a Paradise on the planet. And you can live with the surrounding worlds in harmony. But the thought creeps in: and so whether unselfishly aliens help people? Whether it is humanism superior species? Or maybe everything is just so alien in its mission, just to pursue their materialistic thoughts. And these changes taking place on earth, do not please all local residents. On earth organized group, which with distrust snubbed to aliens and their mission on earth. Although there were fewer of them, but people are ready to stand up to the end for their ideas. Even at the cost of his own life.

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