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The day before the school prom daughter of the family leaves the father. Met another, fell in love. Things happen... Mom spent the whole day in tears and thinking about how to raise two minor children. A graduate of Oyku renounces the holiday in solidarity with the closest person on earth. They sit, arms around each other, and they both cry. And the chair is elegant white dress.

rnand then even worse times will come. Mother will be fired from work, there will be nothing to pay for housing, and the hostess will ask for an exit. Where to go, where to look for help? Support will come from an unfamiliar person – a young architect Ayaz. Oyku relationship with Ayaz reminiscent of the explosion of firecrackers: a lot of sparks, but a lot of thunder. Ayaz (translated from the Turkish "frost") – calm, seasoned, melancholic young man. He can not adapt to the temperament of a friend: she starts with half a turn and demonstrates her independence in every way.

rnIt is not easy for a student of the textile Institute to find a part-time job in Istanbul: the best couturiers of Turkey rule the ball here. But Ayaz-the son of the owner of a Fashion House and, of course, has connections in this area. However, all the attempts of guy to help a novice designer fail: Oiky wants to make herself and asks her not to patronize. To succeed, the girl will lead participation in the competition of young talents at the beginning of the series. There will be the first earnings, the family will be able to return to the apartment where he lived for many years. And there not long before the appearance on the threshold of a terminally ill father ...

rnthere are several storylines. Carefully traced the fate of the best friend of Ayaz mete (senior school, where he studied Oicu and Sheyma). Meta from a wealthy family, but he found his chosen one not among the Golden youth. The owner of a Fashion House hides a family secret from her son. From Italy comes the famous couturier Monica to work with a young colleague Oyku and to understand the relationship with the father of Ayaz. Family couple Sybil and Ilker first dream of having children, and then suffer with the offspring: it turns out, with the baby so much trouble! And what about meeting friends, going to bars, outings to nature? Will we have to forget about all this for a while? Spouses do not agree. For Oyku begins to care fashion photographer Derin. Without receiving the answer, he decides on an illegal act. Father meta and mother Ayaz meet, but hide this fact from relatives: they say, not young, uncomfortable somehow. Yet after a while at a dinner party they decide to announce: "we are a couple". But unforeseen circumstances will prevent this plan from being implemented. Milk sister Emre begs the guy to come to the village and prevent the wedding with an elderly groom, who is imposed on the girl by the family. The whole student landing landed in the village, where no one was born against the will of their parents. For urban residents cave laws and disrespect for the will of the bride – wildness. But with haste nothing happens... it is Necessary to think over more graceful and effective strategy.

rnthere Is in movie and their raisins. For example, the middle of the 5th series, where the song Bana Ellerini Ver protagonist, without saying a word, makes it clear that his companion-the only one in the world. Very touching, highly artistic. There is a series entirely reminiscent of black Comedy (the end of the first season). And also with an excellent estimation. Because filmed with humor, daring and creatively bold. The film is replete with paradoxical situations, subtle observations, instructive stories and is full of love, light, kindness, participation, faith in the best. Life-affirming, reliable, extremely successful youth series.

the Architect and student of the textile Institute, in the words of the poet, represent ice and fire. The main characters prove to the viewer the truth: together with a loved one can overcome any obstacles.

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