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  • Genres:
  • Drama
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If you want something very much, it will definitely come into your life. Han Xie Gen believes with all his heart in this statement and it always works. The girl over and over again wins the competitions held for designers. Now she dreams to get to work in one of the largest and most famous companies, which produces the best and most beautiful clothes. When the heroine finally gets a job in this place, she gets upset because she imagined her working day very differently. Now she has to do other people's errands, pour other coffee and follow the normal life of the office. Even more difficult is the fact that the former classmate is practically her boss, because she is the wife of the chief. Girls never communicated and even on the contrary were in the conflict. Han Se notices that the Director of the company is not happy in marriage, because he is sure that his wife loves only his money, and still worries about the fact that employees do not take him seriously and consider him too young for such a serious position. Heroes have to go through all the difficulties and prove what they are capable of and that rightfully take their places.