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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Romance
This multi-part feature film is about a simple, sympathetic and kind girl named Kang Yong. She graduated from high school and applied for University. Since the new school year, she was in a student hostel, where absolutely no one sought not only to friendship with her, but also to simple human communication. The next day in the audience the story repeated itself. The girl was very surprised by this behavior of others, because she remembered that at school she had a lot of friends, they were happy to spend time with her, and then everyone thinks only about themselves and about the points for academic performance. The guys also completely indifferent to a brand new classmate, and she doesn't understand н6ей not. Then the heroine decides to become a whole and strong-willed person, with the best grades in the group. The young lady hopes that she will be accepted.