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Cartoon Cheburashka (2014) is a product of successful cooperation between Russian and Japanese professionals. Creating a cartoon is a more difficult and time-consuming process than shooting a movie. The story about a friend of the hero was shot frame by frame and for a long time. But the output was a quality picture, not a gram is not inferior to its Soviet predecessor. Cartoon Cheburashka - a long-awaited return of favorite characters involved in fun adventures, only in a slightly updated form, more modernized. The whole story lasts more than an hour and the viewer is told in three stages, plus a small Preface that introduces the audience to an unprecedented animal, because it is not even written in books. nnThe first story is called Cheburashka and the circus. Here the audience will be delighted to see the highest manifestations of mutual assistance and friendship. The second story is called as Cheburashka goes to the zoo. The main character can not leave in trouble his best friend Gene and decides to help him by going instead to the zoo as a crocodile. What an absurd mess, but fun. In the third plot called " tips Shapoklyak with Reconstruction has survived not only Cheburashka (2014), but also a popular cartoon of all time Well, wait. New series just shot in a higher quality, and the characters remained the same, all loved and recognizable.

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