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At birth, Prince Philip was cursed by the insidious sorceress. Witch gave the main character of the colorful cartoon beautiful appearance,which attracts the attention of all the girls. It may seem that this is not a curse, but over the years life itself is beautiful, the Prince managed to make sure: nothing can not be worse. It is worth it to go outside as around there are crowds of girls who instantly fall in love with him. This reaction of the opposite sex is part of the curse. When Philip was flattered, but now he literally can't leave the house. In addition, the hero managed to fall in love with three famous princesses - Cinderella, snow White and Sleeping beauty, for which the Kingdom may have additional problems. But much worse is the fact that in two days the whole Kingdom will be at the mercy of the very evil sorceress who bewitched the hero. And the only chance to prevent a catastrophe is to lift the curse. To achieve this, Philip must do two things: first, he must decide whether he has a real lover, and secondly, to make three feats, not planned, and random. To achieve these goals, Philip goes on a journey with a mysterious adventurer, unaware that his companion - a cunning and charming thief Lenore.

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