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  • Genres:
  • Fantasy
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Viewers who decide to watch Charlotte online, will be transferred to an alternative reality, where nothing is impossible. In this world, many children have unique superpowers. Such talents cause a disease that is typical only for teenagers. As soon as the guys grow up, their strength usually disappears. Therefore, for the gifted, as well as for having untapped potential minor Academy was opened, Hachinohe…until recently, the main character of Charlotte – a self – confident handsome Yu Otosaka-and did not suspect that in its edges there is an educational institution for "special" boys and girls. He used the gift he had only for entertainment. The boy can move for a few seconds into the body of any person in line of sight. Penetrating into the consciousness of others, the young man avenged his sageraven bullies or just fooling around. But one day Yu has used his ability to get into a prestigious school and to impress a local beauty. And although both ideas worked out, since then his life has changed dramatically.rn

sertaline boy learned the charming Nao Tomori – smart, determined, and never parted with a video camera head of the student Council Hachinohe. She also has incredible powers – able to be invisible for the selected her own person, while remaining visible to other people. The girl told Yu about the student Council and extraordinary students attending the Academy. Realizing that Otosaka can come in handy, he was immediately transferred to an unusual University. And together with him to a new place moved the younger sister Ayumi – noisy and cheerful creature, endowed with the ability of destruction.rn

Now on the shoulders of Yu, Nao, able to move faster than the wind four, Jezero and is able to speak with the dead pop star Youth given an easy duty. Their task is to find all the boys and girls with superpowers. Adolescents need to be convinced not to use supercar. Otherwise, sooner or later, intentionally or unwittingly, they will reveal themselves to society and become Guinea pigs on the table of scientists or the military.of the entire Quartet of" rescuers " Nao is most interested in the successful completion of the mission. Her older brother, a promising musician, fell victim to government experiments. He forgot himself and his family and turned into a kind of doll, living a century in a clinic for the mentally ill. The authorities threw the young man like a junk battery, and began the hunt for other children with supertalenten. This means that the future of innocent children can be destroyed by evil will.previously indifferent to the problems of outsiders Otosaka gradually imbued with a desire to help the same as he did, to protect them from danger. However, the trouble comes from an unexpected side. Soon guy will have face evil, far more scary, than any government – with own magical thinking. Will your loved ones and friends be able to save Yu?

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