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France has always been one of the favorite countries in Europe, it is truly a beautiful country. But few people know that this is one of the main countries where in the distant medieval times, there were intrigues of national scale. "Grey" the cardinals are not sleeping, and acting. The series called "beautiful gentlemen of Bois Dore" takes the viewer to the distant twenties of the seventeenth century and tells about the Marquis de Bois Dore. The Marquis lives his measured life. He used to be a friend of the Baron, but now everything has changed. Now the main task is to find to do not to die of boredom. But everything will change in the near future, and no one knows which way. Intrigue, duels, scandals, coups and much more awaits the Marquis. And only him to decide what to be involved and what direction to take the side of Henry or his enemies?