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Original Title: Celebrity Quitters
Language: English
Description: Lazybones are in almost every person. Well, who among us has ever postponed any business for tomorrow just because it was too lazy to do it? And many postpone plans not for a day, but for much longer periods. About the main characters of the Comedy drama I know firsthand, they are lazy, do not want to move for their well-being. At the same time, friends live in a separate apartment, although none of them work. Rent parents pay blockheads, so the characters, despite the move, continue to depend on their dad and mom. However, this does not bother, friends continue to burn through life, not carried away by anything useful. Sometimes the guys do not have enough money even for food, but none of them is going to look for a job, instead they just eat what they have. Everything changes when the characters have a new neighbor-the brother of one of them, wants to build a dizzying career. Gradually his worldview and ambitions begin to be transferred to children. Will they change their attitudes and behaviour?

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