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Original Title: Caught
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: CBC Television
Language: English
Description: 1978: The criminal David Slaney sitting for a gone wrong drug trafficking in a prison in New Brunswick. Because in his naivety and inexperience, he believed, to make a fast buck by smuggling two tons of marijuana coming across the Atlantic to Canada. Of course, the deal went wrong and he ended up behind bars, while his friend Brian Hearn came with a blue eye of it.    After five years without freedom and without the love of his life, David finally manages to escape. Because with his former partner Brian David wants to conclude a final deal that would finally guarantee him freedom. But in David's trust environment is a big mistake and the judiciary has also been him on his heels.    Main characters in CaughtDavid Slaney (Allan Hawco) lost everything because he had trusted the wrong people. This mistake he will not make again. He puts everything on one card and it must outwit the judiciary and its alleged friends gangsters.    Brian Hearn (Eric Johnson) let his friend David down. He then fled to the US where he has built up a vast drug network that has now been almost completely crushed by the DEA. Would he, in order to save his head, betrayed his friend one more time?    Roy Patterson (Paul Gross) was once the star of the Canadian police. However, with the birth of his daughter exchanged his career against a desk job. Now she is a teenager and gone home. Willing to his old successes to tie, it helps David to escape, to track down the most wanted criminals in North America and provide. (MW)

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