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The main character of the animated series "Castlevania" becomes the famous count Dracula. One day a brave girl Lisa comes to his castle. She wants to change the world and for this she wants to gain knowledge about eternal life, about the unique ways to treat diseases that no one knows about.That's why the girl goes to meet the powerful Dracula. She is not afraid of the bloodsucker, and the vampire falls in love with his unexpected guest. So begins their beautiful love story.rn

Lisa knows perfectly well that in medieval society there is no place for a woman who wants to be a scientist and change the world. However, restrictions do not affect the girl who continues to comprehend those areas of knowledge that are considered closed to the fairer sex.when Lisa, who has gained knowledge from an immortal being, goes to the city to help people, her aspirations are perceived with hostility. Soon beauty and does burn at the stake, like a witch.this event causes Dracula's anger, who decides to avenge the death of his beloved. He promises the locals that he will give them a year to realize their own mistakes. After this period, everyone who lived in the city at the time of the death of Lisa, knows the immensity of his anger.Shocked locals quickly forget about the threat, but count Dracula does not intend to leave the crime unpunished. Exactly a year later he begins to take revenge on those who deprived his beloved of life. Time after time, he unleashes on the locals troubles and disasters, showing amazing imagination.now people need to find a way to fight the Almighty being living in these parts. Dracula will not stop until all the inhabitants of the city die. However, among the local inhabitants there are good people who did not want bloodshed. It is they who will try to find a peaceful solution to the conflict.

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