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Finally, the school year for manatsu Daichi is coming to an end, and He will be able to spend a huge amount of time as he wants. All the summer days it is a lot of time was devoted to walking. And then one day he saw an unusual phenomenon. In front of him there was a rainbow, which is not like the usual. It was in the shape of a circle. The boy remembered that some time ago he had already met such an unusual natural phenomenon, but it brought a tragedy in his family - in the very near future after that manatsu's father died under very mysterious circumstances. Seeing her again, Daichi wonders where this rainbow comes from and why for the first time she became a sign of the incomprehensible death of her beloved father. In order to answer these questions, the hero goes to the island. Arriving at the place Manatsu notices that all its inhabitants are in panic, hearing a terribly loud alarm. Catching someone from the crowd, the boy learned that on their land were those who call themselves residents of another planet. They want to recapture their island and set their own rules. Now it is necessary to fight back and expose them.