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  • Genres:
  • Drama
The heroes of the series-the inhabitants of the planet Caprica, which is one of the twelve colonies. Two local families are experiencing a personal tragedy because their children died under strange circumstances. Now the fathers of the families want to put all their efforts to solve this crime and fix it. One of them is Daniel. He owns one of the biggest computer companies. At the moment they are developing the latest technologies. Before the tragedy, he devoted all his time to work. But now he needs to use all the achievements of his company that the opportunity to return her daughter and her friend. After many different and difficult experiments, Daniel finally manages to get the desired result and break forward. But the results of the development may be completely different than expected. Now men have a new problem - they need to prevent the consequences of the experiment that they put in order to bring their children back to life, because now there is a threat to other people.