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This is not Geoffrey Chaucer, rather, it is a bitter irony over the modern life of Britain, and indeed the world. Professions have changed, although the names of some remained the same, and the essence of people is always the same. How does a modern Miller, a lawyer, a sailor, a knight of the new century, or, say, the wife of a bathhouse attendant live? Like the classic collection of the British poet, this story is divided into episodes, however, the writers spared the viewer: here they are 6, not 22, like Chaucer, and they do not go to worship the relics of the Saint, but simply tell us their stories. In prose, with all the "joys" of the modern world. Sometimes the sad, sometimes joyous, and most often whimsically combining these two extremes. Did the cut the new England society, let each judge for himself, but an interesting little series turned out exactly.