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Margarita Luis slowly got out of the noisy crowd and went to the Bank of the river, where she remembered the happy days with her precious Ernesto, and which she will never see again. She is very lonely and sad. She, thinking, standing on the shore, her eyes glide over the water and suddenly she sees that the water is right up to her human body. Margarita, without hesitation, rushed into the water and pulled the man out of the water, brought him back to life. For the poor, when he regained consciousness, he decided that turned on the light in the society of beautiful nymphs. This was the beginning of a new stage in Margarita's life. Her life is now connected with Simon Vargas. Margarita came to mind the words of her friend, that when the sea takes away one love from us, it will not forget to give us a new, even stronger and happier in the future. But it is not yet known who this sea has decided to make her happy or unexpected rival, in the face of her younger sister.