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The story is based on one of the books of the famous writer D. London. Exciting and full of experiences story about friendship, a man and a dog breed Husky, named "Buck". A two-legged young guy trades in search of gold, and not less young, fervent, but four-legged and tailed helps him than he can. They make a good team, only a dog no matter how much she didn't live with people, at heart still a little bit remains a wolf, who want to freedom. Suffers from the need to run in a team and our hero, but he has the best in the world, the owner and a friend, but there in the woods his relatives and how to be a faithful pet does not know. However, fate "will ask a thorough bashing" and both teaching them to appreciate what they have now. And only if the characters learn a lesson they will be a little easier to live.