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The series "Buffy the vampire Slayer" is recommended for fans of mysticism and action.Buffy is a high school girl who moves from town to town all the time. All because she has a secret: she constantly faces vampires who seek to kill the girl. Buffy is learning to protect herself because she can't tell anyone about her gift. In the last town she and her mom lived in, a girl burns down a gym full of vampires. That's why they have to move to the town of Sunnydale, and Buffy – to go to a new school.rn

It is here that she meets the librarian Giles. He somehow finds out her secret and the girl books about vampires and self help.rnGiles says that the girl is actually a great vampire Slayer and he is her Watcher and helper. Soon to team join new friends Buffy-willow and Xander. Together they have to fight with vampires and their Master, who wants to arrange the End of the world. To do this, he needs to open the gates of Hell and find the Anointed vampire Messiah. In his power to completely destroy humanity.Vampires are enemies. But one of them, an angel, offers Buffy his help. Once upon a time he was cursed by a Gypsy: all his feelings returned to him, he can no longer kill people. Angel struggles daily with his craving for blood, especially when their relationship with Buffy becomes romantic.rn

Such an unusual team they have to fight with the Master, and not only Adcice gate near Sunnydale attract a variety of vermin. School becomes their favorite hunting ground, because Buffy and her friends do not just have to save classmates.the relationship in the team is complicated by the love polygon: Buffy and angel spend more time together, even though she is a Slayer and he is a Vampire. Xander, in love with his girlfriend, does not trust angel and is waiting for his betrayal. A quiet excellent student willow has long been in love with Xander.rn

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is a mystical series, interesting not only for teenagers, but also for their parents.