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  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • War
The world in which the characters live is divided into two parts. Some are residents of America and Japan, who created a common organization called "Alliance" to fight for their rights, and the second live in Europe and called their land Zoology. Representatives of the second state seek to take over the world. In both parts of the World, people try to keep up with the latest technology and over and over again create new robots that will be ready to fight. It was only in 2088 that Europe calmed down a little and suspended its desire to seize the remaining territory. Japanese Aoba, who lives in our time and who behaves like a real teenager and does not think about global topics. He still goes to school and is in love with his classmate. The boy has never even had a serious problem. One day he finds himself in the cockpit with his lover. It becomes clear to him that they are in danger, but Hina coped with the pilot and took control. So they were transported into the future and, moreover, in the Inferno of the war. Now he needs to find dio and somehow try to survive in this time...