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In childhood Hinata EMA was left without a beloved mother and almost spent all my time alone. Her father was a traveler and spent most of his time away from home. But one day, returning once again home,he told his daughter that soon he will have a wedding. Then Hinata's life changes completely. Her father chose a woman to be his companion, with one career in mind. But thanks to her hard work she became a successful owner of the local factory. The girl understands that this marriage will not bring anything good to her father, but she knows that he has been alone for many years and dreamed that someday he will be able to love again. Therefore, she decided that he would not be prevented from building his happiness. When it came time to move home a new stepmother, Hinata also quietly gathered his things and went to the family. Now she needs to get used to her father's wife, her habits, actions and new surroundings. How will her stepbrothers and stepmother develop? The most interesting thing is that all her new relatives at once fall in love with her. How will the heroine cope with such a whirlpool of changes?