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Two beautiful native sisters who are no longer young, from the cradle were inseparable. The main character remains as cheerful, confident as in his youth. Only even though the sisters spent most of their time together, as strange as it may seem, there were never any serious quarrels or conflicts between them. Young girls live in a big house with their dear parents. This house was for them more than ordinary housing-because it is associated with all the major life memories, as well as associations with the most beautiful period in life - a happy childhood. That is why when the parents decide to sell the family home and move to a completely different city, the girls were shocked.After thinking about everything and a little consultation, the girls finally came to the conclusion that almost nothing can be changed and you need to accept the decision of the parents. Only, in addition to everything, the girls are going to arrange in his house a stunning party such a kind of farewell. Of course, their parents sisters to inform about the holiday for some reason did not think, logically thinking that if they decided to move, not taking into account their opinions, so they have the right to do the same. The sisters inform all their friends and organize a party that was heard in the homes of neighbors. It is quite predictable that such large - scale action soon completely gets out of control. Now the sisters will need to take responsibility for what is happening, because the holiday was welcomed by the police.

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