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Original Title: Broken Promises
Description: At the beginning of the film we see a group of four students of the local school. Resting, the main characters of the Thriller "broken promise" decide to get a little adrenaline. For fun, they will break into one of the city mansions, not even knowing that their idea will soon turn into a nightmare. At first everything goes just fine, but then the owner appears in the house. The man armed himself with a hunting rifle and decided to teach the bullies a lesson. As a result, two out of four were killed. Survived lovers Mina and Rhys. Not to spoil a girl's life, Rhys decides to take the blame on himself and gets a significant prison sentence. For a while, Mina misses them, but then begins to pull away from their teenage relationship. Arranging her life, she makes an impressive career and meets a guy who falls in love for real. Soon they have a baby. But then a carefree life ends, as Rez is obtained from prison. He'll try to get his past love back, even if it means sacrificing someone's life.

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