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  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Drama
The action takes place on the continent of Crouzon, where magic prevails, not electricity. The main resource and the engine with which everything works in this unusual place - quartz. Most of the people living on the Crouzon purify compatible quartz and use it to create engines and accelerators that support many of the mechanisms on the continent. The man who was possessed by quartz, says that he possessed the magic! Anyone who does not possess this skill is considered to be an underdeveloped and stupid person. Young guy Rigart is one of those residents of Crouzon. People like him are called outsiders. Probably Rigart would take that position, but once his hometown is rapidly approaching the beginning of the war. The boy can not calmly accept it and decides to go for help to his friend Zess, who is a member of the Valkyries. He will be able to assist in the confrontation of the impending army. But now the life of Rigarda will change completely...