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The second season of the drama Underground season 2 download continues the story of the people's desire for freedom, trying to defend their human dignity. A group of slaves from the plantations of Louisiana, tired of the cruelty of the owners, exhausting work and his disenfranchised position is plotting to escape. They are fully aware of the long and dangerous road ahead of them, and they are aware of the punishment that will befall them if they are caught, but they cannot remain in the same situation. The first season showed a long preparation for the escape and mistakes made by the heroes-it is much heavier way escaped slaves, but still gave them the opportunity for the first time in my life to feel truly free.A great success for the fugitives was a meeting with a group of people advocating the abolition of slavery and the liberation of slaves who help former slaves to move to a safe place with the help of the underground railway, soon the fugitives are in Georgia. But this does not mean that from now on they are safe! Planters, outraged by the escape of living property", are ready to do anything to return those who belong to them. To return or kill...

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