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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
The town of Broadchurch has not the best reputation, because the locals have their own secrets, and crimes often occur here. However, such a high-profile case the town of Broadchurch never knew: on the beach passers-by find the body of an 11-year-old boy. The victim is Danny Latimer, whose mother is pregnant again and heartbroken.This whole nightmare happens at the most inopportune time when detective Ellie Miller is just coming back from the decree. Ellie had expected it would be there by the time when she wants to leave the service. What was the surprise of the main character, when she found in his office a certain Alec hardy. Arrogant, but incredibly talented-this policeman managed create itself an ideal reputation in Broadchurch.rnDespite the negative impression of each other, hardy and Miller have to forget about the conflicts to start an investigation into the murder of Danny Latimer.the Police are faced with another problem: the distrust of local residents. People in Broadchurch are not used to telling anything superfluous about their lives, because they have serious secrets. That is why the investigation comes to a standstill in the early stages, because the detectives can not find any evidence, no clues.Gradually, the case becomes clear, and conflict situations between detectives disappear. Miller believes that the case involved a serial killer with obvious pedophilic tendencies. Despite the vast experience in the investigation of crimes, Ellie suddenly begins to burden the service and fear for the safety of his own family.meanwhile, Danny's mother is trying to deal with grief in her own way, and his 15-year-old sister is growing faster than parents would like. Schoolgirl Chloe spends more and more time with her young man, not even trying to help her mother cope with the sudden grief that overtook the family.rnWhen the killer is finally found, detectives Miller and Hardy face bureaucracy in all its glory. Because of the abuse of their duties, the police will suddenly be accused of all mortal sins. A problem may be the media, pulled out of old cases of the "dirty linen" of witnesses, victims and police officers themselves. The murder case turns into a test of the inhabitants of a small town for lice, which are not all.

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