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There is 55 the fifth year of our era, the Famous and very talented commander named Julius Caesar is preparing for a new large-scale campaign. This time he intends to invade the territory of Britain. He has heard about the riches of those lands and intends to take them for himself. The resources of the distant Islands are needed by his ever-evolving Empire. however, his campaign is progressing with great difficulty. Caesar meets fierce opposition from the druids, who are fighting a completely non-standard methods. They actively use magic. In their hands it is a terrible weapon that can cause serious damage to any enemy. The soldiers of the legendary commander feel it. Since those hot battles takes a long 90 years. Roman troops, who gained even more strength, intend to finish what Caesar started, they rush to the British Isles. The troops of the Roman Legionnaires are headed by a great strategist who proved his talent in many fierce battles. His name AVL Plavi. On the foggy Islands he will meet with the druids, who are mired in internal conflicts. Now is a good time to conquer their lands. However, the magic of the druids is as effective as ever.

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