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One of the strongest companies in South Korea is Sun Corporation. It is headed by people who have the most powerful influence in the whole country. All that they want, they will immediately have, because their family does not limit the means, and strong characters guarantee them respect from others. But their position looks so amazing just from the outside. In fact, within the family there are problems that disturb the peace of all loved ones. For more than a century ago, the whole race was imposed curse, which is always executed with precision. The whole point of grief is that a man who decides to marry his beloved will never bring it to an end. The bride disappears, and there is not even a thin thread of a trace on which it can be found. And now for a hundred years no one was able to get married. But one of the heirs of a great company decides to outwit the curse. Before the celebration, he finds a girl who is like two drops of water hike on his favorite. Now she needs to disappear instead of the real bride. Will the young man outwit the evil forces?