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All are accustomed perceive Rangers, as serious people, responsibly appropriate to his work. It's time to get acquainted with those who protect nature and take care of animals only in words – 5 Rangers and 1 teenage bear from Brickleberry national Park are on duty.the plot of the animated series is based on different stories happening to them and their specific acquaintances. Each of the characters is peculiar and unique in its non-standard thinking, so bored watching them, do not have to. Throughout the series, the viewer will be able to find answers to such unusual questions as whether aliens exist, whether it is easy to destroy the entire reserve in one day and how to find love, having a non-standard is not surprising that the environment and animals are more threatened by those who have to take care of them on the duty of professional activity. After all, all of them, including the bear with unusual inclinations and otvyaznym behavior, does not intend to perform the duties of Rangers. It is as if they were given an order from above-not to think about what will happen to the national Park in the future.Sometimes the plot will reveal to the audience the features of the characters of each of the characters, which will allow you to find out why Connie has so many complexes and how to tell her about her love for a colleague, and Steve can not cope with simple life situations, despite the fact that every month receives the honorary title of "Best worker". Will Ethel be able to find a good guy, and Denzel to overcome their unusual attraction to women much older than themselves. Of course, it will be interesting to watch the main rager woody, who appreciates gambling above all. The viewer will also learn why the grizzly bear, who, like any teenager interested in computer games, lives with the Rangers, and not running in the woods. Throughout the series remains an open question, how they all remain in their jobs and why the Park is not finally closed?no less interesting are the secondary characters that appear in each series, such as the owner of a strip club or the residents of the trailer Park, belonging to the lower strata of the population, what connects them all with the national Park of Brickleberry and its specific pseudo-workers.

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