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  • Drama
The world is small, and sometimes even people from different parts of the country that did not think about new acquaintances meet. Nevertheless, they met and so fate brought these people for a reason, it has its own scenario. The plot of the series describes the working days of doctors and physicians of the hospital that is located in one of the districts of London, as well as the difficult life stories of patients of this hospital will also be in the foreground. These events took place in the sixties of the last century. Viewers witness new acquaintances in a very unusual place for this simple process, namely in the intensive care unit of the gynecological Department. Each of the patients that are in this room is in a serious condition, but it is probably not as bad as their lives before they get to the hospital. Each of them has its own secrets, troubles and sorrows. Sometimes such things can not tell even close people, but new friends quite. They do not have common friends, you can tell the most intimate secrets and none of the relatives will not know about it. The next day, a new friend will go to his home and they will never see each other again. Strangers can listen and they will not be difficult to keep this secret. How is each new day in the hospital, what stories have to face doctors will be able to find out during the viewing.