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A remake of the cult film of the 1990s. This is a story about a young FBI agent named johnny. He works undercover, participated in many operations and always with honor went from the most difficult situations. But this time he will have an unusual task - he must infiltrate the gang, robbing banks. And he manages to do it. That's only after a while johnny unwittingly imbued with sympathy for his new friends. All of them-extreme athletes, the main motive of which is not a thirst for profit, and risk. To prove that he is with them at the same time, johnny and most have to perform risky tricks, each time putting his own life on the line. And this world of extreme and high adrenaline beckons him more and more... In the film of the 1990s, the main roles were played by Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves. In the new film, their characters played, respectively, Edgar Ramirez and Luke brace, known mainly for his roles in romantic comedies. The Director of the movie was Erickson Cor. This is his third directorial work, but much more he is known as the operator who worked on the franchise "fast and furious". So in terms of filming extreme sports and stunts, we are dealing with a real professional. Interestingly, at the time," fast and furious "was inspired by the action" on the crest of the wave", and now that the circle is closed, the audience will certainly be interesting to see what happened.

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