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At the end of last season, something terrible happened and Tuco broke is not a joke. He killed his partner, who soon died, and then forced gonzo to hide the corpse in a junkyard. Walter and Jesse are worried because they witnessed something they shouldn't have seen. Now the main characters are worried that they may become the next victims of Tuco. Soon the police find gonzo's corpse, and the news scares novice drug dealers even more. As they suspected, Tuco decided to get rid of them. He kidnaps Jesse and Walter to deal with them. But Walter's wife quickly realized that it was not clean. It is connected to the search of her husband, the police and friends, and soon they are able to achieve a positive result. This situation has changed the attitude of the main characters to their business ... the Series in all serious season 2 all series in a row to watch online for free in good quality.

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