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The heroine of the anime "Ten brave men" - a young priestess of Izanami. The Church, which she served, was the object of the attack action. All the monks and novices were brutally murdered, only Izanami managed to survive and escape. Before her departure, the rector told her to go to Sanada Yukimura at Ueda castle to find protection and support. On the way from the sinister ninja rescues the lone samurai Kirigakure, Saizo. Incredible luck for girls was the consent of the samurai to escort her to Ueda castle. Brave and fearless, Saizo had a huge impact on Izanami. She fell in love with his new friend, despite threatening them with the danger and the unknown future. Once at court the influential Sanada Yukimura, the characters entered in the "Ten brave", committing numerous legendary exploits and signing in Japanese history.