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Original Title: Brainiac: Science Abuse
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
  • Documentary
Channel: Sky One
Language: English
Description: Amazing program, thanks to which humanity learns a lot, at first glance simple, but at the same time very interesting facts. Two presenters Richard and John spend a lot of so-called experiments. All experiments take place in the open air, they have a huge number of assistants and want to star in this program, they do incredible things. Each experience is a kind of experiment, chemical reactions, explosions which are simply the highlight of this transfer. Each experiment has its own comment, which indicates the mechanism of action on the physical forces. The presence in the program heading. Banged here is not accidental, since he had great talent in science and his desire to stop anything is not possible. The whole team makes an incredible contribution to their work, just to please the audience.

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