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Dynasty Uzumaki keep up the pace and, having the status of Hokage, remains the most influential in the world of shinobi. Precisely in this family once was born a boy Naruto, that will fate became a renegade. The villagers did not accept him into their ranks and disdainfully treated the boy for a very sinister reason – in the tiny body of the child from birth lies the spirit of the demon, terrifying people. No one wants to mess with evil spirits, so little Naruto in his childhood spends in solitude, closed society from an invisible barrier.At the same time, a noble goal is born in the heart of Naruto – to return to himself and his family the respect of other people and prove to everyone that it is safe and pleasant to communicate with him. For the sake of the kid ready to go for any test that life gives him generous portions. The barrier for the barrier to crumble and fall before the feet of the brave Naruto, but he stops and goes forward step by step closer to the coveted time Passes, Naruto defeats the evil forces in a bloody war. He returns home a hero and rightfully deserves a dominant position in society. Thus Naruto becomes leader of his people and soon marries on perfect young girl. After a time in the family is born a son, nicknamed the happy father of Boruto and the main character "Boruto: New generation" watch online.rn

Boruto growing intelligent and active boy, he loves his father, always busy and finds time to communicate with his only son. Contempt reaches its climax, and Baruto decides to get a status of Hokage not through receipt thereof by inheritance, and through the completion of a number of dangerous tests. He is actively looking for guidance and finds it in the face of the ninja Sasuke – old friend of Naruto and part of his competitor. He is taken to teach the guy and then is faced with the stubbornness and impulsiveness of the latter. Character bothers to understand the essence of the many lessons, the data Sasuke, causing danger not long to wait.

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