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Thanks to his intelligence, intelligence and observation Ishikawa Ango works in the detective Department and is considered the best among his colleagues. Most of his time the guy devotes to investigations, because of what he does not have time to think about his own happiness. Once the detectives know that a police officer has been murdered in the city. Ango went to the crime scene and, once there, was attacked by a man who tried to escape. Unfortunately, the bullet touched the hero's head and because of this serious injury he was on the verge of death. Caught between the two worlds, Ishikawa ponders the question, where exactly do the dead go? It was at that moment he decides to fight for life. Luck comes to his side, and the man avoids death, but from this day he will have to live with a bullet in the skull. As soon as Ango returns to work, a new murder case immediately arrives. Once in place, the detective is faced with a man who is very similar to the dead. It turns out that after his wounds Ango had the opportunity to communicate with the dead...