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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
In the center of the plot of the British television series "Bodyguard" former police Sergeant and war veteran David Budd, who gets a job in the security service of the Royal family. Now his main responsibility is to ensure the safety of the Minister of internal Affairs of Julie Montagu, who is responsible in your Agency for fundamental reform.rn< p>Budd, having behind him a solid combat experience, is forced to defend an ambitious and strong woman, with the policy of which he strongly disagrees. Now David has to be torn between a sense of duty and his beliefs, constantly experiencing enormous pressure. Every day he is forced to risk his life for a man with alien beliefs.the Difference in worldview becomes a serious stumbling block for David, who still can not join the peaceful life after the horrors of war. Budd tries to convince himself that he should just serve, not paying attention to political games. However, a guy with a keen sense of justice can not suppress the growing disgust. David is seriously thinking about resigning, but things are beginning to develop in the most amazing way. It may be that the person who is responsible for the safety of Julie Montagu, will now become its biggest threat?rn

the Series "Bodyguard" is a mixture of crime drama and Thriller with masterfully twisted plot, which will surely surprise you with unexpected twists!