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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Enoch Thompson, nicknamed nucky, the corrupt Treasurer of Atlantic city, which covers a useful link with politicians and the mafia to earn one's living by bootlegging. With the adoption of the" dry law " in the United States blooms underground alcohol production, and enterprising nucky gladly occupies a vacant niche. Together with his younger brother Elias and several gangsters, he organized a real Empire for the sale of alcohol for every taste, while trying to maintain the reputation of a friendly guy who works tirelessly for the benefit of his hometown.


Meanwhile, with the fields of the First world war, returned to Jimmy Darmody, who previously worked as a driver for Enoch. The ambitious guy is determined to join the gangster structure of nucky, justly hoping to get his share in the profitable business. Showing excessive activity, Jimmy attracts the attention of FBI agents, which give rise to the investigation of the criminal activities of Thompson and his gang.


unfortunately the partners are always careful Enoch head goes into a passionate affair with Margaret Schroeder. An attractive woman, disgusted by her alcoholic husband, makes nucky vulnerable and inattentive. Complicate the situation and forced disassembly with competitors who dream to take their place in the underground business of Atlantic city. Despite the constant difficulties, Thompson does not intend to give up, continuing to engage in bootlegging with renewed energy. Masterfully evading the pursuit of special agents, Enoch plans to increase the supply of alcohol and significantly expand the geography of its presence.