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  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
The hero of the story-an ordinary guy named Sakura-kun, who one day, returning to his home, found an angel that was presented to him. Interest guy seems to have no limit, because it seemed to him that he was not only nothing remarkable, but even sometimes stupid. Everything changes after another angel appears on his doorstep, which was sent by the heavens for one purpose-to kill the main character. As it turned out, in the future Sakura will invent an elixir that will help girls after the age of twelve not to grow old. And this turn of events does not suit the heavenly office, which is why the second angel and must destroy the main character. Needless to say that initially, the first angel that showed up on the doorstep of Sakura, too, had to kill him, but for some reason decided to give him a chance and stop to invent a cure

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