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The main character of the mystical Thriller, Mystery kind of become a young Seminary student Brett Ethos. His life and spiritual service of God, but in one moment everything begins to crumble. He has a strange and fearsome vision that causes the guy to find the secret of his ancestry. This can only be done by the forces of evil, and feeling that he must stop his training, Brett leaves the Seminary and goes in search of answers. The search leads to the ruined house of his ancestors, and Brett realizes that the conduct pointed to this place. In the house he finds an ancient medallion-the same heritage, which was mentioned in the vision. But not everything is so simple, and this innocent find - a real hotbed of evil. Friends of Brett in mortal danger, and the hero tries to understand his true origin. Ancient forces beckon him to him, exposing the guy to temptations and temptations. Would he be able to resist them and remain himself, or would the bloodline be so strong that the guy would take a completely different side. In the film the Mystery the main character is struggling with the worst enemy - himself. . Does a person have a destiny or does everyone create it with their own hands? The main character has the right to make his choice, but when it interferes with otherworldly forces, you just have to hope and fight. Mystery kind (2013) - a mystical film where a young guy has to reveal the secret that keeps his pedigree. The forces of evil are trying to persuade him to his side, using all sorts of tricks. Before Brett is a choice: the true purpose or his own "woven" fate. The result of the selection is unknown, because several generations in a row kind of Ethos kept a terrible secret.

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